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Stallholder & Food truck regestrations are now open!

Stallholder FAQ's

What kind of stalls do we have at Spring into Tawa?

We feature a wide variety of stalls at the event. We limit the number of stalls selling the same or similar things (for example, there will be a limited number of sausage sizzles, face painting stalls, etc).

Where we are over-subscribed in a type of stall, first preference will be given to prior stallholders. The second preference will be given to those that applied first.
As with previous years, stalls will be broadly organised into zones - the zone categories are set out on the right. The information you provide in the application form will help us to ensure you’re placed in the right zone at the event.

Stall Placement

Stalls will be located on the Main Road.  No stalls are permitted on the footpaths except those stalls run by business owners located on the Main Road and approved by the Spring into Tawa Organising Committee.

Allocation of your stall is at the discretion of the organisers - please let us know if you have a preference for a certain site or would like to be located near another stallholder. While we will try to accommodate any requests, we can't guarantee to meet these requests.

If you're a business owner within the event area on the Main Road, you can have a stall on the footpath outside your premise. No other stalls will be permitted on the footpaths or in the plaza area opposite Essex Street. Business owners can also have a stall on the Main Road alongside other stalls. We ask business owners to register as stallholders and pay the stall fee, whether they're on the footpath outside their business or among the event stalls.

Stall Size

There is one standard size of the stall - 3m x 3m.  This is large enough to fit a standard gazebo.

If you need more space than 3m x 3m, you will be required to book and pay for two spaces. Space will be allocated only if available and on a first come first-served basis.

Food truck sites are allocated based on the size of the truck (therefore not restricted to 3m x 3m). Therefore, we can only accept as many food trucks as we can fit into the spaces available.

Stall Shelter

Spring into Tawa is an open air event. We recommend that you bring shelter for your stall if you think you will require it. Gazebos are allowed but you must bring these – event organisers can not provide gazebos. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to appropriately secure the gazebo. We recommend that you bring weights to secure your gazebo.

Selling Food

Wellington City Council requires all stalls selling food to be registered with the event organiser. It is very important that you let us know if you are selling food – either to be consumed at the event or sold for consumption at a later time. Failure to disclose this will mean you will not be permitted to sell these food items on the day.

You are not permitted to give away food

You will not be permitted to give food away at the event (except samples).  This is so as to not to impact on those selling food at the event, including those selling food as a fundraiser.  The organisers reserve the right to require you to cease giving away food.

Reducing our waste

We are trying to reduce the amount of waste the event generates. To help with this, we ask stallholders not to use plastic bags when selling their goods. We will publicise this and encourage people to bring reuseable bags. It's likely a number of stallholders will also be giving away reuseable bags.

If selling food, stallholders should, where possible, use locally compostable, reusable or recyclable packaging for their food and drinks. This includes containers, plates, cups, cutlery and napkins. To be compostable, the packaging must be accepted by Wellington City Council's Capital Compost Facility.

Here is the guide of approved products.

We appreciate this is a change in 2020 and we ask stallholders to adopt this approach where possible.


We provide power for food trucks only. Generators are permitted if they are silent. If you arrange power for your stall to be supplied by a local business, you are responsible for ensuring that all cords are appropriately covered. Plastic cord covers will be required - tape and/or carpet is not acceptable. The organisers reserve the right to ask you to move or unplug cords if we feel there is a Health and Safety issue.

Wet Weather Plan

Spring into Tawa is an open-air event. There is no alternative layout if there is wind or rain. We advise that you come prepared with shelter from all the possible elements (including the sun!). Shelter for your stall is not our responsibility. It is recommended that you bring a gazebo and weights as the event will proceed if there is wind and rain unless it's unsafe for the event to proceed.


There will be a range of advertising about this event - including billboards in Wellington City, posters, and signage from Whitby to Karori and targeted social media advertising. You can help us out by spreading the word about the event to get a great crowd along! We are happy to promote individual stallholders in the lead up to the event.


Once applications for stalls have closed, we will advise you if you have been accepted into the event. Payment will be required by 4 September 2020 (early bird rate) or 25 September at the latest. You will not be allocated a stall space until payment has been received - at that point you'll receive your stall number and information on how to access the event and your set up time.

Early bird payments are due by 4 September. All remaining payments (at the higher rates) will be required by 25 September.

We will send one reminder after 25 September. If you fail to pay on this reminder, your application will be cancelled and your space will be offered to someone on our waiting list.

Cancellation Policy

If you can no longer attend the event and cancel on or after 2 October, you will not receive a refund of your stallholder fee.

If you cancel on or after 25 September but before 2 October, you will be eligible for a 50% refund of your stallholder fee.


As with previous years, stalls will be broadly organised into zones - the zone categories are set out below. The information you provide in the application form will help us to ensure you’re placed in the right zone at the event. 

Community & Commercial

Community, Organisations, Commercial & Business stalls.


Home or handmade craft items and craft items for sale.

Emergency & Services

Emergency vehicles & services information


Recreation or activity focused stalls


Producing & selling food & baked goods for consumption at the event or at home.


Activities & stalls focused on children

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