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Stallholder List 2020


A1 - FizzBang Candy Floss
A2 - Super Donut Hero
A3 - The Hungry Monkey Wellington
A4 - Mao and Co - Dumplings and Noodles
A5 - Mr Whippy
A6 - Taco Addicts
A7 - The Iki Sushi Burrito
A8 - Tommo's Low 'n Slow Barbecue
A9 - Zelati
B11 - Greek Souvlaki
B12 - Kai from Egypt
B13 - Raging bull
B14 - Tawa Lions Club
C16 - Uzbekistan cuisine
C17 - Smoke and Spice
C18 - Choice Fruit Products Limited
C19 - Tawa Squash Club
C20 - Nada Bakery
C21 - Amany Salah
C22 - Tawa Central Kindergarten Sausage sizzle
C23 - Oh taste and see that the Lord is good
C24 - Curry n Curry
C25 - Bee Fresh Farms

Community & Commercial

B26 - Tamsin Davidson - One Agency
B27 - Embrace Design
B28 - Frabella Soaps
D29 - Ezi Gardening
D30 - Tommys Real Estate
D31 - Redwood School
D32 - Sustainable Tawa
D33 - Pest Free Tawa
E34 - Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves
E35 - Tawa New Life Church
E36 - Share International NZ Charitable Trust
E37 - Porirua Church
E38 - Inner Wheel of Tawa
D39 - Sweet and Sour NZ
D40 - Altrusa Ohariu
D41-42 - Tawa Titans Hockey
D43 - Tawa Swimming Club
E44 - Girl Guiding
E45-46 - Greenacres School - Bake Sale and Games
E47-48 - Bellyful & Collective
E49 - Harcourts Tawa Realty Limited
F50 - Making Faces
F52 - Emma, Hayden and Kaia's yummy baked goods
F53 - Linden School
F54-55 - Michelle's Fundraiser
F56 - Xtreme X
F57 - Wellington North Badminton
F58 - Tawa School Smash Zone
F59 - St Johns Ambulance
F60 - Tawa Community Patrol
F61 - Amusement Fun
F62 - Kapiti Castles
F63 - Tawa Fire
F64 - Guardian Funeral Home
G66 - Forming Masters
G67 - Lavender Abbey
G68 - YETI Nepal Trust
G69 - Tawa Union Church
G70 - Tawa Historical Society
I72 - The Doggo Kitchen & Crafts
I73 - Freddie and Febee NZ Ltd
I74 - Bangladesh Crafts
I75 - No. 8 Essentials
I76 - Bespoke Wooden Solutions
G77 - Saarahs Henna
G78 - Tawa RSA and Services Bowling Club
G79 - Tawa MenzShed
G80 - Floralicious
G81 - Made in Nepal
G82 - Sweet Peach Boutique
I83 - Arbonne
I84- Snaxpax
I85-86 - Created by Craftychick
I87 - Kapiti Chocolate Factory
H88 - Maureen and Lorraine
H89 - Julesfitzgerald4tupperware@gmail.com
H91 - Leprosy Mission Photography
H92 - Screen
H93 - Band Stage


J94 - Gerry @ Eve Davis
J95 - Annie's Fudge
J96-97 - Leslie Dinou
- S'punky Krafts / Colours on Fire
J100-101 - Natties Nibblies
K102-103 - Nik Naks
K104 - Shaxu Art
K10 - Handmade in Nepal
K106 - Smellyicious
K107 - Fossicked and Found
H108 - Far Pavilions
K109 - Plants for Sale
I110-111 - Axo Gifts
I112 - Sweet Escape
I113 - D’s Charms & Crafts
I115 - Little Red Panda
I116 - Fantail Fibres
H117 - The Underground Bookstore
L118 - Brendan Grant Artwork
L119 - Tori’s Trinket Treasures
L121 - Funky Junk
M122 - Tracy's Art
M123 - Silky NZ
M124 - katz Jewels
M125 - Laila's Creations


N126 - Thai Street Eats
N127 - Mint - Food Truck
N128 - Garuda Food Truck
N129 - Food Xpress ltd
N130 - Kickflip pizza
N132 - Miss Arepas Latin food
N133 - Zayaz Kebab Food Truck
N134 - Take 10 Support Zone


As with previous years, stalls will be broadly organised into zones - the zone categories are set out below. The information you provide in the application form will help us to ensure you’re placed in the right zone at the event.

Community & Commercial

Community, Organisations, Commercial & Business stalls.


Home or handmade craft items and craft items for sale.

Emergency & Services

Emergency vehicles & services information


Recreation or activity focused stalls


Producing & selling food & baked goods for consumption at the event or at home.


Activities & stalls focused on children

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