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A section of the Main Road of Tawa will be closed...

Road Closure

A section of the Main Road of Tawa is closed to enable the event to take place and to ensure the safety of people attending the Festival.

In 2020, the closure zone is the Main Road from the roundabout on the intersection of the Main Road/Cambridge Street/Lyndhurst Road to the roundabout on the intersection of the Main Road and Surrey Street.

The road will be closed from 5am – 5pm on Saturday 17 October.

Wellington City Council have approved this road closure.  We have engaged ATMS to manage the road closure activity safely and professionally.  We are working with Metlink to re-route the timetabled bus service down Oxford Street.  Accessible car parks will be available close to the event.

A sign-posted detour will operate directing traffic around the closure zone – coming from the south, right into Cambridge, left into Oxford, left into Surry and right on to the Main road; coming from the north: left into Surry, right into Oxford, right into Cambridge and left on to the Main Road.

There are other alternative routes through Tawa that can be used including:

Linden Ave – Hinau Street – Duncan Street – Tawa Terrace
Lyndhurst Street – Chester Road – Hampton Hill Road – Victory Crescent

Cars will need to be removed from within the closure zone by 5 am on Saturday 17 October. Residents of Rewa Terrace will not be able to use their vehicles to leave their homes from 5 am on Saturday 17 October.

If you will need your vehicle on this day, we advise leaving before 5 am or parking your car in the car park behind the Tawa Community Centre the night before.

Once the road is closed at 5 am, no resident or business vehicles will be permitted to drive through the closure zone. This includes newspaper and mail delivery, or businesses wanting to deliver items to their premise. No resident, supplier, or business vehicles will be able to access any part of the road closure area until 5 pm.

Emergency vehicles will be given access to the closure area and Rewa Terrace if required.

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